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miles blue

Miles blue is a Super App that brings all digital payment, rewards and embedded finance solutions into one holistic and powerful platform. Connecting to existing debit and credit card rewards programs, miles blue provides a single place for customers to combine multiple rewards programs and traditional and modern payment methods using one unified digital currency, empowering customers to pay through various payment combinations–including installments and crypto.

Miles blue enables card issuers to increase their customer loyalty while providing customers with the ability to spend and redeem their points in innovative ways:

• Earn and redeem rewards in 80+ crypto currencies

• Buy now, pay later installment payments

• Shop at over 70+ million merchants and shop In-App at over 2,000 preferred merchants including Amazon, Apple, eBay, Microsoft, Priceline, Walmart among others

• Instantly pay and get paid for personal charges or business spend

• Earn up to 10X miles when they shop or redeem on miles blue– even when paying with rewards

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