A new way to connect

In 2018, we introduced official Meetups in The PayPal Lounge and The Garden located in the Expo Hall. Money20/20 Meetups provided individuals from every industry sector the chance to come together to discuss sessions, network with like-minded new contacts and forge long-lasting professional relationships.

Money20/20 Meetup: First-Timers

For Money20/20 first-timers, it’s often tough to decide where to go or what to do first. In this meetup, we brought together first-timers to network and learn from our panel of experienced Money20/20 veterans, helping them to get the most out of the Money20/20 experience.

Money20/20 Meetup: Regulation Conversation

For those looking for opportunities to engage directly with regulators, this facilitated networking opportunity allowed industry execs, from large incumbents to startups, to engage informally in a gathering of leading regulators from across the globe. Here, they discussed the challenges of navigating a shifting regulatory landscape and explored exciting opportunities for regtech in driving the future of financial regulation.

Money20/20 Meetup: Bit of a Block Party

In this Meetup, we brought together crypto-enthusiasts, and those who dream about distributed ledgers, as our hosts set the stage with thought-provoking conversation starters. Here, we helped facilitate immutable connections between Money20/20’s blockchain enthusiasts.

Money20/20 Meetup: Women in Fintech

In 2018, Money20/20 launched the Rise Up initiative to address the gender imbalance in leadership positions within financial services and tech. In this meetup, we facilitated a networking event to bring together like-minded attendees who believe that inclusive businesses are better businesses

Money20/20 Meetup: Cents & Sensibility

Those passionate about purpose-driven fintech understand that this can be a source for social good. This meetup brought together those who share a common goal: to make the world a better place by building a simpler, faster, fairer and more inclusive financial system.

Money20/20 Meetup: The Merchant Mingle

For retailers interested in deploying fintech innovations to serve their consumers, or for vendors seeking perspective from the retail front lines, we facilitated a meetup acting as a marketplace of big ideas on the next generation of commerce.

Common Cents Lab: Human Behavioral Hacking Live!

In this interactive session, Common Cents Labs helped this group better understand human tendencies by providing live-fire behavioral science analysis of and recommendations to product design questions. Common Cents founder Kristen Berman joined leading fintech brands LendStreet, Grove, Scratch and EarnUp to show this group how to build better products and deliver more customer impact.

Money20/20 Meetup: People Power

It’s imperative for financial technology companies to understand how to compete for and attract the best talent. In Vegas, we facilitated a discussion breaking down staffing challenges and developing strategies to fill the open roles in attendees' organizations with top talent.