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Meet Investors at Money20/20

Still on the fence about joining us in Vegas? Well, we have a little something that may push you over the line...

We have the top 10 VCs in the country and almost 200 investment companies from around the world jining us in Vegas this year and this number continues to rise.

We know how crucial funding is to your growth, so we have provided you with a small sample of the list we are giving to start-ups attending our show this year.

Many of them have expressed their desire to connect with startups like you for potential investment!

We look forward to seeing you in Vegas and to hearing about your successful meetings (and hopefully a funding round too?) ;)

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These startups aren't so scrappy anymore - and they all have one thing in common, Money20/20.



FISPAN is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) banking platform. They particpated in Money20/20's Startup Program the same year they launched and have seen tremendous growth since then. Most recently they've joined Mastercard’s Start Path accelerator program.