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When it comes to accessing native USD rails, Fintechs and Their Customers in Emerging Markets, such as Sub-Saharan Africa or LATAM, are in a disadvantageous position due to their jurisdictional risk, resulting in their exclusion from critical infrastructure such as domestic USD clearing and rails, onshore custody, US securities etc. although they represent the fastest growing economies in the world.

Keyrails Is A Global Trade Centric, API-Based Banking Platform For Emerging Market Fintechs. We provide on-shore, ACH-enabled, named USD & USDC Accounts as well as API powered modern financial services to Emerging Market Fintechs and Their Business Customers to enable them to competitively participate in the global trade. We have some of the biggest fintechs in Sub-Saharan Africa and LATAM as clients.

  • Onboarding Within Days Instead Of Months
  • Smart USD & USDC Custody via Qualified Custodians in the US.
  • Redundancy via Multiple Banking Partners
  • Optimized To Connect Local Collections To Overseas Supplier Payments

Keyrails is co-founded by Rajpal Khangura CAMS - CCI, a compliance professional with 15+ years of experience in high-risk regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering, risk management and financial services and Berhan Kongel, a serial entrepreneur with 15+ years experience in entrepreneurship, product, operations, regulatory compliance, cross-border payments, lending, custody, clearing & settlements and banking.

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