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IPQS provides enterprise level fraud detection, bot detection, user validation, and payment scoring with over 10 years of proven technology. Our tools identify high risk users and malicious behavior in real-time without impacting the user experience for legitimate users.

IPQS enables your team to perform advanced reputation checks on user and transaction data with Fraud Fusion™ - a networked approach to fighting fraud that learns from hundreds of millions of transactions and user events per day across every industry and region.

Our fraud prevention tools make it easy to identify high risk behavior patterns, bots, fake user details, and even stolen user info being sold on the dark web through our Dark Data™ sensors.

Access threat data from the internet's largest online honeypot network, featuring over 10,000 websites which collect data on fraudsters. Track stolen credit cards, leaked user data, user data associated with fraudulent behavior.

Completely protect your site from account takeover, bots, chargebacks, fake accounts & applications, and similar abusive behavior. Worldwide coverage provides comprehensive protection in any industry.

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