Identomat provides AI-powered Identity Verification & KYC/AML compliance as a Service. Our proprietary solution with Liveness Detection, Face Match, Document OCR, Proof of Address, and Live Video Chat for AI-driven or Agent-led KYC workflows is used globally across private and public sectors. Identomat helps companies to enable seamless remote customer onboarding, biometric authentication, age verification, and fraud prevention at a fraction of the costs.

In 2019, while helping a large financial organization accelerate their credit approval decision making by using machine learning and Big Data, Identomat team noticed that even though the manual loan approvals were slowing down the process, they weren't the biggest source of friction for their customers. They found out that customer identity verification and compliance data collection was also done manually and was taking up to a few days. That's when the founders decided that enabling people worldwide to access mission-critical services instantly and remotely was that ambitious goal most companies dream of pursuing.

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