Speak in 2020


No pay to play, no sales pitches and no lame stale presentations. That's right, speaking at Money20/20 is not to be taken lightly. Our stages are reserved for the most authentic, innovative, newsworthy and industry-changing content.

We're not kidding! You'll be speaking to the industry's most discerning, intelligent and senior audience; only powerful speakers delivering captivating knowledge will command their attention.

Please note, in 2019, we had a particularly rigorous selection process, and we will continue to raise the bar in 2020. All speaking proposals must be submitted through our online submission form which will be available when the Call for Content opens in March 2020.

Need some inspiration?

This year's Money20/20 USA event broke new ground. We witnessed major announcements across our stages and can't miss content you can still catch up on. We've picked a few favorites below, but please refer to the full archive of 2019 sessions to see what makes for a great session in Vegas.

Top VC Predictions for 2020 & Beyond

Jon Zanoff, Managing Director of TechStars, spoke to Angela Strange, General Partner, Andreessen Horrowitz, and Steve McLaughlin, CEO and Managing Partner, FT Partners, about how they are looking at the fintech landscape, what technologies are most piquing their interests, what scares them most about what’s around the corner, and where they think the opportunities will be in 2020.

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Building Financial Services at Uber

Curious what Uber's payments team has been building and why they've hired 250 people this year? Peter Hazlehurst shared how Uber is trying to change the way financial services are provided to better fit the daily lives of its global customers.

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The Future of Banking and the Role of Regulators

The FDIC and OCC are strong proponents of responsible innovation that enables banks to meet customers where they are and with what they need. FDIC Chairman Jelena McWilliams and Comptroller of the Currency Joseph Otting took the stage for a candid conversation on how their agencies are embracing new technologies, while promoting safety, soundness and consumer protections.

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For any additional questions regarding speaking at Money20/20 USA and our Call for Content process, please reach out to: ContentUSA@money2020.com