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Finturf is a financial technology company specializing in turnkey and custom software solutions. We cater to lenders, finance companies, large merchant networks, and consumer lead aggregators wanting to offer or enable point-of-sale financing.

With Finturf, these organizations can drive substantial lead volume, garner more customers, and extend their lending products across an extensive network of diversified merchants and service providers.

Finturf offers its partners the following features:

Multiple Lender Waterfall: Finturf offers access to multiple point-of-sale and direct-to-consumer lenders through a single application, enabling merchants to build custom waterfalls that fit their business.

Tailored Lead Generation: Finturf provides lenders with high-quality and pre-screened leads, enhancing the efficiency of their loan origination process.

Access to a Vast Merchant Network: Finturf offers lenders access to a vast merchant network, spanning multiple industries and opening avenues for extensive business growth.

Loan Origination System: Finturf’s integrated loan and offer generation system enables new lenders to enter the market quickly, build, and deploy custom models.

Branded Support: Finturf offers white-labeled call center and back office support, allowing full representation of your brand with a low cost of entry.

Merchant Underwriting and Risk Management: Finturf equips lenders with comprehensive merchant risk management, underwriting, monitoring tools, complaint management, and built-in fraud prevention.

We invite you to visit Finturf at booth 5129 to learn more about our solutions and how they can improve your financial operations.