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FinTech Insights by Scientia

FinTech Insights by Scientia, is the world’s most advanced digital banking research platform. With more than 250K analyzed journeys from all of your local banking competitors and the most innovative banks worldwide, you can empower your team to make a difference.

Banks and fintechs that use the platform have seen a 40% faster go-to-market time and an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of their competitors’ digital banking. They often become the first to uncover innovation in their niche and find opportunities for growth, in less than 5 clicks.

These outcomes would be impossible without the incomparable features of FinTech Insights. The platform UX-evaluates the effort users invest to complete every user journey and captures all the features that your competitors offer, behind the login screens. The user could perform a gap analysis of their offerings compared to their competitors that is representative of the current state of the market, since the data is constantly updated. In addition, all this information is captured in videos that come from real bank accounts giving the platform a unique advantage in the market.

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