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(NYSE: FICO) FICO is a data analytics company whose solutions are used in multiple industries to drive higher levels of growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction. For over thirty years across multiple economic cycles FICO is a proven leader and pioneer in the use of predictive analysis, credit scoring, and data science to improve operational decisions.

FICO® Score is the credit score industry standard. It is used by lenders to make accurate and rapid risk decisions across the customer lifecycle while expanding access to credit throughout the United States and globally. FICO Score is trusted, predictive, independent, and reliable

FICO also offers FICO® Platform, a platform for developing applications that predict, analyze, and optimize customer interactions in real time. Banks can use FICO® Platform to develop and deploy originations, customer management, fraud, compliance, collections, and other solutions on a unified platform. Fintechs can use FICO® Platform to significantly accelerate AI application development on a platform with proven stability and scalability. Learn more by visiting our booth today.

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