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Exclusive Breakfast & Lunch Programs

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We know you’ll be ravenous for insights when you get to Money20/20 USA, so we’ve been cooking up a storm with our hosted breakfast and lunch conversations, curated by some of our select partners.

Deep dive into key industry topics, comprehensive research and dynamic case studies, and gain access to exclusive subject matter experts in a more intimate setting.

Sessions will be first come first serve on the day.

Monday, Oct 23rd


GREAT UK Fintech Ecosystem Showcase & Networking

9-10am | Venetian Ballrooms level 3 | San Polo 3501

Hosted by UK Government, meet industry stakeholders from the UK and the US to help you successfully expand across the pond. Hear from UK unicorns operating in the US, including Wise’s Head of Global Expansion, and explore UK investment opportunities for US fintechs.
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What’s Behind the Rise in Synthetic Identity Fraud

1-2pm | Venetian Ballrooms Level 3 | San Polo 3501

The no. of data breaches in the US increased 83% over the past 2 years expediting the distribution and sale of PII to create synthetic identities. Are financial institutions in control of account origination procedures that could detect fraudsters posing as consumers?

Tuesday, Oct 24th


Stellar: Where Blockchain Meets the Real World

9-10am | Venetian Ballrooms Level 3 | Murano 3301A

The Stellar network is a decentralized, fast, and scalable blockchain built for financial products and services. Hear from companies building on the network discuss topics like real-world assets (RWAs) on Stellar and how blockchain is powering innovations in payments.


Databricks and AWS: Architecting for an AI-Future

9-10am | Venetian Ballrooms Level 3 | San Polo 3501

Explore generative AI's impact on financial services in an executive discussion with AWS and Databricks experts. Learn from Factset and fintech leaders about its potential, risks, and opportunities. Gain insights to navigate the transformative Gen AI landscape.


Fighting Fraud: A New Consortium Approach

1-2pm | Venetian Ballrooms Level 3 | Murano 3301A

First-party fraud has been treated as a cost of doing business - until now. Join top industry experts from Socure, Green Dot, and Chime to preview the ground-breaking technology that reliably uncovers key indicators of first-party fraud, its personas, and behaviors.


Build a Global Money Ecosystem with Data Sharing

1-2pm | Venetian Ballrooms Level 3 | San Polo 3501

Over the next decade, banks will win on how embedded they are within the global money ecosystem, and how they share insights with their clients. In this panel, hear how an enterprise data strategy underpinned by data sharing can drive new revenue-driving use cases.