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Connections Platform

A 'how-to' guide

Money20/20 USA is all about creating meaningful connections. And whilst we believe in serendipity, we also believe in making it as easy as possible to meet the people who are going to transform your business.

To get the best experience within the platform, make sure you set up your ‘Teams’ feature, which is exclusive to you as a sponsor.

Our 'how-to' guide below walks you thorugh the full set-up process.

If you have any questions about how to use, or access the platform, please contact

Your step-by-step guide

/ Our AI matchmaking tool connects you with decision makers that matter to you

/ Search, sort and filter the full attendee list

/ Request, book & accept meeting requests

/ Speak directly with matches via instant messaging

/ Build your own personal agenda

/ Reserve tables for you and your team

/ Export team connections & meeting details


If you email is not registered, you struggle to login or have any questions about the platform, please contact for assistance.