Money20/20 requires that all exhibiting companies have all necessary insurance protection in place.

Who NEEDS insurance:

  • All exhibiting companies regardless if you use GES or not

Who DOESN’T need insurance:

  • Meeting Pod

  • Meeting Cube
  • Meeting Rooms (if you do NOT have a buildout)

All exhibiting companies must provide the following insurance policies:

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance in accordance with applicable state or local law covering the employees of the foregoing, respectively.
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance in accordance with applicable state or local law in minimum limits of Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) per occurrence.
  • Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance (if applicable) insuring any owned, non-owned, and hired vehicles to be used in and out of the Resort’s facilities in the amount of Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) in any one occurrence.
  • General Liability Insurance including blanket contractual liability and personal injury coverage with limits of liability of at least Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) in any one occurrence*

*Ascential Group Limited have arranged for Exhibitors to be covered under their insurance policy for a fee of $300.00. An “Evidence of Insurance as an Exhibitor” document, summarising the cover provided, will be issued by email when payment of the Insurance Participation Fee is made with your invoice. Please note that payment of the Insurance Participation Fee must be made before the event commences. Standard limits are:

Exhibitor Expenses

GBP 20,000

Loss of irrecoverable expenses sustained as a result of cancellation, abandonment, curtailment, postponement or removal to alternative premises; inability to open or keep open your stand/space due to damage to Exhibitor Property at the Venue, in transit to the Venue or damage to the Venue itself; late or non-arrival of Exhibits or of your staff/representatives; failure to vacate the Venue within the contracted time; reasonable additional costs and expenses incurred in avoiding or diminishing a loss; for reasons beyond your control.

Exhibitor Property

GBP 20,000

Physical loss of or damage to property for which you are responsible, including exhibits, stands, displays, equipment, furnishings, stationery, promotional literature, being brought to the venue for the purposes of the Exhibition.

Exhibitor Liability

GBP 2,000,000 any one occurrence

Legal liability to pay compensation, legal costs and expenses as a result of accidental death or injury to a third party and/ or damage to their property at the Venue.

Please note that it is sponsor’s responsibility to provide adequate coverage for Workers’ Compensations and Employer’s Liability insurance. Note that the venue may ask to see an evidence of this onsite.

If you believe you already have adequate Public Liability cover in place you will receive email instructions as to how this can be uploaded onto InEvexco Ltd’s portal. This will then be reviewed by InEvexco Ltd, who are a specialist insurance broker and who administer the Organiser’s Exhibitor insurance. This should be uploaded at least 30 days prior to the exhibition opening. If for any reason your Public Liability cover is deemed inadequate by InEvexco Ltd then they will inform you why this is the case and what you need to do to satisfy the Organiser’s condition regarding insurance.  If you disagree with InEvexco Ltd’s decision you will be allowed to make use of InEvexco Ltd’s complaints procedure.

Please do not send any insurance documentation to the Organiser. A full specimen policy wording, showing the terms, conditions and exceptions of the cover and the Exhibitors Insurance Product Information Document is available from InEvexco Ltd via their website https://www.inevexco.co.uk/our-services/event-and-exhibition-exhibitors-insurance. We strongly recommend you read the policy wording as some exclusions apply. This service is provided on a non-advised basis and you should make sure that the minimum limits are sufficient for your needs.

Ascential Group Limited accepts no liability in contract, tort, negligence, statutory duty or otherwise (to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law) arising out of the use of, quality, fitness for purpose or access to or provision of the insurance policy by InEvexco Ltd. Ascential Group Limited has no responsibility to you for, and hereby disclaims all liability arising from, the acts or omissions of InEvexco Limited or any third parties required to provide the insurance policy and related services hereunder.

All exhibiting companies who are doing a build out is required to send the below to us;

- Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Form: An exhibitor appointed contractor is an outside contractor hired by the exhibitor for any services used other than the in-house general contractor that Money20/20 uses (GES).

Download Form Here: EAC Form

If you use GES exclusively for all services related to the installation and dismantle of your booth, the EAC form is not required. If your company plans to utilize the services of any independent contractors other than GES, the EAC form must be completed and signed by a representative of the exhibiting company.  For the safety and security of the show, please be sure to submit EAC forms for all vendors associated with your booth to ensure that your EAC will have access to the show floor for move-in and move-out with no issues. If you do not submit your EAC form, this may cause delays in your booth set up. All EAC forms must be submitted to assistus@money2020.com by September 27, 2019.

- Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Insurance (EAC COI): An exhibitor appointed contractor is responsible to provide adequate insurance to be onsite for the build days. Please ask your contractor to send evidence of satisfactory insurance arrangements to InEvexco Ltd Ascential@inevexco.co.uk for approval.

IMPORTANT: Please note that any EAC COI received without an EAC Form will not be processed and accepted. Please ensure to send EAC form to us before your contractor sends their EAC to InEvexco.  

Important things to note for EACs

• EACs will be required to pick up their wristbands onsite at the Money20/20 exhibitor check-in desk located at the entrance to the exhibit hall (Level 2, Sands Expo Center) to gain access to the exhibit hall. EACs must present photo ID.

• EACs will only be allowed access to the exhibit hall during exhibitor move-in and move-out dates/times. If an EAC needs access to an exhibitor’s space at any other time, the exhibitor will need to register the EAC for a Money20/20 event badge.

• Exhibitors and EACs must abide by all show rules and regulations and maintain appropriate insurance coverage as outlined above, in the Exhibitor Rules & Regulations and the Exhibitor Kit.