Journey to the Future of Money


In 2018 we ignited a Money Revolution. In 2019, we’ll continue our mission to achieve the impossible and discover a better way for the world to use, spend, borrow and move money. Revolutionaries, dreamers, trailblazers, innovative thinkers and fearless leaders from across the ecosystem will take on the mission to move the industry forward - a journey full of obstacles, opportunities, challenges and industry-changing discoveries. They will trek from every corner of the earth to uncover what’s ahead in the winding, ever-changing road of the financial revolution.

Your Compass

Money20/20 programming aims to bring your business the learnings, tools and connections to ensure you’re on track to become a key player in our ecosystem’s ever-changing future.

The Journey to...

Find Your Tribe

Conquer the industry’s largest pain points, challenges and potential through collaboration with likeminded visionaries.

Discover Gems of Knowledge

Unearth the tools to seize new opportunities from industry-leading innovators, trailblazers and disruptors.

Climb to The Peak of Success

Discover, build and master your roadmap to become a force of change in the ecosystem.

In taking on this ambitious adventure, our team will bring you the tools and keys to make the most of each step of your journey, from start to finish

The Journey waits for no one.

Are you in?