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Documática, leader in Innovation and Digital Transformation, is a company specialized in Dematerialization and Transformation of Business Processes, with particular focus on initiatives linked to Reengineering and Automation of Financial Business Processes and to Public Administration Reform and Modernization. Documática is a leading supplier of Payment Solutions as well as Information Capture, Transformation and Electronic Archive Systems for Financial Institutions and Public Administration in Portugal, with customers in Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Senegal and Ivory Coast. Recognized for innovative projects carried out in different markets, Documática's founders materialized a process of technological development centered on innovation, allowing to offer the market Solutions based in 2 disruptive paradigms: a) Process Reengineering and Digital Transformation - based on the Dematerialization of Documents and Workflows. b) Integration with Core and Vertical Systems. Our Vison is to be recognized as leaders in the development of disruptive systems and new business models, contributing to the company's competitiveness in the international market. Our Strategic Objective is to become a reference company in the dematerialization and automation of business processes and in the transformation of information into predictive models for business and decision support. At Money 20/20 Documática will announce a comprehensive set of new Products whose development was leveraged on different Artificial Intelligence technologies. The expectations with these new products are to obtain significant benefits for companies, namely greater efficiency, human error reduction, detection of attempted fraud and enrichment of information, transforming it into knowledge and using it in the specific context of each business process.

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