Dirty Money. Dirtier Plastic.

COVID-19's Impact on Digital Payments

It’s no surprise that dirty, germ-infested banknotes carry bacteria and spread viruses, but the fact that plastic cards are way worse is cause for alarm. These concerns heightened with the spread of COVID-19, which lead the World Health Organization to publicly encourage people to use contactless ways to pay whenever possible.

Will users really avoid touching cash, plastic and payment machines and turn to their mobile wallets instead? According to Samsung Pay’s Sang W. Ahn, "Mobile has to have a value-add in addition to plastic. This is why we spend so much time in rewards and location-based features." In this case, the value-add is staying healthy. But only as long as you clean your device regularly, for at least 20 seconds!

Take a look at these 2019 sessions that dig deep and cover the growing opportunities for germ-free ways to pay, shop, commute and manage money – digitally.

Key Sessions

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