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Credit Bureau 2.0® by Trust Science®

Credit Bureau 2.0 ® by Trust Science ® is a SaaS for lenders. It very accurately assesses thin-file, no-hit or underbanked borrowers to uncover “Invisible Primes”™

Used for PD & can generate recommended loan terms. Also used for sourcing & screening leads and/or for optimizing direct mail campaigns with or without email as a booster.

In 2021 Gartner cited Trust Science contributions re: Explainable AI research. The Credit Bureau 2.0 service is FCRA compliant, highly Secure and extremely easy & fast to implement. 48 patents and trademarks have been earned from 18 different countries, with 40 more patents still pending.

Trust Science has raised $15M (100% non-institutional) via the world’s simplest cap table. Revenue will be double-digit millions (run-rate.) Serial entrepreneur-disruptor CEO, has delivered >$1/2 Billion of gains to shareholders in a career focused on technology commercialization.

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