COVID-19: Banks Respond

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed our world and the way we all interact with businesses and one another. Individuals and businesses alike look to find a new normal and handle hardship with some of the most important parts of our lives, one of the largest being financial services. During this time, many banks have risen to the challenge and put in place initiatives and donations as a relief effort to make sure that once this period of crisis is over, our futures, and the future of money, will be strong.

A Collective Effort

Explore the banks providing payment assistance, deferrals, pauses on mortgage payments/foreclosures, and other initiatives.

Reset, rebuild and reimagine the future

The first half of 2020 has been spent in a state of panic. In the face of this, great things have been in the works, and at Money20/20 we've seen firsthand how our industry and members of our community have stepped up and risen to the occassion to fight back.

The second half of the year is our opportunity to turn things around and prepare for the biggest comeback possible in 2021. Together we can host the industry's most essential event. Since Money20/20 will be a boutique affair this year, only those who act early will have a prime seat at the table to jumpstart next year's success, and be a fundamental part of the change.

Can you afford to miss it?