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Money20/20 is committed to diversity and inclusion across our stages and empowering our community of powerhouse women to make their mark on our industry. Check out the women who have rocked the stage in Vegas.

Women in Payments

Virtual Payments in a Physical Environment

As the industry chases a more unified commerce experience, there is a need to bring the benefits of virtual payments to the physical environment, disrupting and improving the consumer journey.

Rebuilding an Airplane Engine in Mid-Flight

What’s it take to retrofit the managed payments business of a $100B marketplace? Hear how eBay is revamping its payments strategy to unlock new ground for sellers, consumers and marketplaces and what its story means for companies and industries around the globe.

The Tipping Point for US Contactless Payments

The New York MTA has begun to roll out contactless payments and will be fully contactless by the end of 2020, and card issuers are making commitments as well. Will this precipitate an evolution – or revolution – toward contactless payments in the U.S.?

MoneyTalks Live: The CX Factor in Digital Payments

Everyone is talking about creating new experiences for customers. However, a build it they will come mentality often falls short. Why? Because listening to your customers is a key ingredient in creating experiences they love across all of your products.

MoneyPot: Facebook Pay: It’s Alive!!!

With the launch of Facebook Pay, the goal is to connect the entire Facebook universe- Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp- uniting the 4 most popular mobile apps into a single money exchange/payments platform that starts with 2 billion users.

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