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2020 has pushed consumers and businesses alike to challenge their normal routines and ways of doing things and adopt new ones. While 2020 was the year we stayed home, this industry has proven to be innovative, resilient, and forever changed.

Digital innovations have allowed for a true digital shopping experience as a consumer. You can walk down a virtual street and “window shop” without ever leaving your house. You can try on retail products or see what an item looks like in your home thanks to VR/MR technologies being leveraged by retailers. You can make large purchases and get credit, without ever opening a credit card thanks to companies like Klarna and Affirm. And even when we do venture out into the real world, contactless payments and mobile wallets are booming. These are not just ‘pandemic trends’, but a new reality here to stay.


Direct-to-Consumer Revolution

Distribution is no longer enough to justify e-commerce curators and intermediaries says Harley Finkelstein, Chief Operating Officer of Shopify on the Revolution Stage at Money20/20.

"Payments is just part of the shopping experience, and we want to make that great, but we want to make every touchpoint of the shopping experience really seamless."

David Sykes

Head of Klarna US