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Payments Innovation

The global pandemic changed the power dynamics in the payments industry by compressing 5 years worth of change into less than a year. Existing trends were dramatically accelerated as businesses and consumers continue to shift towards e-commerce, contactless and mobile payments. While the digitization of payments took off, so did a surge in fraud and cybersecurity concerns. At Money20/20 we cover the biggest disruptions sparking change across the industry.



2020 has pushed consumers and businesses alike to challenge their normal routines and ways of doing things and adopt new ones. Contactless payments and mobile wallets are booming. These are not just ‘pandemic trends’, but a new reality here to stay.

Real-Time / Fast Payments

According to a recent survey, more than 71% of businesses are ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ interested in RTP capabilities. And it is not just a high priority from the business side -- individual’s expectations are shifting to include faster and real-time payments.

Infrastructure and Customer Journeys

More touchpoints along the journey that can create a better experience have gone up expontentially as a result of new technologies and a shift in customer expectations. Many providers need to focus on infrastructure upgrades to support these demands.

Women in Payments

Money20/20 is committed to diversity and inclusion across our stages and empowering our community of powerhouse women to make their mark on our industry. Check out the women who have rocked the stage in Vegas.

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