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WIRED: How to Prepare for the End of Card Payments

During the group’s 2022 conference in October in Las Vegas, financial technology companies touting efficiency and seamless experiences were front and center, as plastic cards faded into the background.

FORBES: Three Trends Coming Out Of Money20/20

We are well past 2020, but fintech’s iconic conference, M20/20 is still humming with possibility and the future. Coming out of the event, after 100+ conversations, three themes stood out.


PAYMENTS DIVE: FedNow a ‘public utility model'

The central bank governor equated the nascent system with an interstate highway on which private companies will provide “on-ramps” and “off-ramps.”

PAYMENTS DIVE: Marqeta makes banking push

The company’s suite of seven banking products includes early wage access, as well as bill pay and instant funding. The latter two will be available in beta next year.

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