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This is the stage where stories unfold (2021):


Financial Inclusion Is Mainstage At Money20/20

It Might Have Taken Until 2021, But Financial Inclusion Is Finally Mainstage At Money20/20


Money20/20: Reflections

Money 20/20 made waves as the first major industry event to return to in-person.


Big Fintech Conference Tips Off With Magic Johnson

Financial inclusion is a theme at this year’s Money20/20 conference, which is considered the largest convention for the North American financial technology industry.

National Law Review:

Insights From the Money20/20 FinTech Conference

Bank Automation News:

Money20/20:The risk & promise of digital currency

BizTech Magazine:

Money20/20: Ushering in a New Era of Payments

Yahoo! Finance:

RocketFuel Launches Industry-First 'Zero Fees for Life' Merchant Account at Money20/20

Money20/20 Successfully Re-Unites Global Fintech

Following Successful Money 20/20 Europe, Money 20/20 USA Attracted Over 8,000 Business Leaders & Attendees from more than 2,500 Companies to Shape the Future of the Fintech Industry.

This is the stage where stories unfold (2019)

Uber announced Uber Money credit and debit cards

Uber’s Fintech Strategy: A Conversation With Peter Hazlehurst, Head Of Uber Money.

Amazon Pay launched Alexa Integration to Pay Bills Inc. is tapping into bill payments by letting customers use its Amazon Pay feature for their utility bills. The e-commerce giant said during Money20/20 that it would be partnering with Paymentus to add the feature.

American Express Partners with Nova Credit

American Express and fintech startup Nova Credit debuted a "credit passport" that lets immigrants from five countries share their international credit histories within Amex's online application to build credit in the U.S.

JPMorgan Chase unveiled Chase Pay at Money20/20

In 2015, JPMorgan Chase's Gordon Smith leveraged the scale and scope of Money20/20 to announce Chase Pay. Watch his interview with CNBC live from Las Vegas.

Mastercard showcases augmented reality shopping

Mastercard and Qualcomm are showcasing an augmented reality shopping experience using smart shopping glasses and iris authentication to make payments.

Amazon launched ‘Login and Pay’ with Amazon

Amazon launched a service called Login and Pay with Amazon at Money20/20 that lets partner sites enable a payments button that will compete with PayPal and credit cards for customer checkout.

Mastercard announced Messenger bot Mastercard KAI

Financial services businesses are quickly launching new Facebook Messenger chatbots to improve their customer service experience. Mastercard unveiled a new chatbot for banks and merchants to help them deliver better mobile experiences.

Verifone launched Verifone Engage

To empower merchants, acquirers, and service providers with new commerce opportunities and experiences in store and protection against escalating security threats, Verifone announced Verifone Engage, redefining what’s expected of point-of-sale hardware and software.

Google, Visa & Mastercard to get rid of passwords

Google, Visa & Mastercard want to get rid of passwords. Hate passwords? So do tech companies, merchants and payment processors. The new partnerships opened up hundreds of thousands of new sites to Android Pay.

Jack Dorsey defends decision t...

Dorsey on decision to be CEO of Twitter & Square

Dorsey took part in a panel discussion moderated by CNBC on Monday night in Las Vegas at Money 20/20, a global conference and trade show focused on payments and financial services innovation.

AmEx's Chenault doesn’t care if plastic goes away

The payments space is suddenly hot, but American Express CEO Ken Chenault welcomes the heat. “I love competition,” Chenault said Tuesday during a fireside chat at the Money 2020 conference this week in Las Vegas.

Bank of America unveiled Al banking chatbot, Erica

The pandemic sent stressed-out users staright to Erica. BofA added one million Erica users a month from March through May (10M as of yearend 2019). It was Money 20/20 where their president of retail banking, Thong Nguyen, unveiled Erica to the industry.

Icon Savings Plan Wins Grand Prize at Money20/20

The Grand Prize at the Money20/20 Las Vegas Conference—the largest FinTech conference in the world, was awarded by Shaquille O’Neal to Laurie Rowley, President and Founder of Icon Savings Plan, who pitched her company to the event’s four judges.

Acorns demo at Money20/20

Acorns was the first true micro investing company, allowing people to round up purchases and automatically invest the change. Weeks after the company launched, Jeff Cruttenden took the stage and showcased their revolutionary product in front of the Money20/20 audience.

Samsung’s Thomas Ko on the Future of Samsung Pay

Almost a month into “Samsung Pay’s” launch, the company’s Global CO-GM spoke out on how it’s being received by the public and it’s ongoing competition with Apple.

Zebit launches providing financing to underserved

At Money20/20's 2014 event Zebit launched the first fully automated payment system that provides zero-interest credit to the 68 million Americans underserved by traditional financial services.

BlueSnap raises $50 Million

Global payment services provider BlueSnap has raised $50 million in a round of growth financing as the battle over who will rule the register both in stores and online heats up.

BitPay announced Bitcoin Checkout ‘One-Tap’ App

BitPay is the first bitcoin merchant processor to offer one-touch payments at the point of sale. Customers can hold their tablet or smartphone over the merchant’s point-of-sale device and submit their digital cash by tapping ‘send’


Financial Inclusion Is Mainstage At Money20/20

It Might Have Taken Until 2021, But Financial Inclusion Is Finally Mainstage At Money20/20

More stories

Sphere Launches at Money20/20

Sphere, the Leader in Integrated Payments, Launches at Money20/20 -- Company leading evolution in integrated payment solutions with technology-driven commerce platform that’s fully flexible with existing business systems.

Apple delivers Apple Pay update at Money20/20

Jennifer Bailey who runs Apple Pay gave a keynote presentation on Sunday as part of the Money20/20 Las Vegas event. Bailey also demoed Apple Pay Cash, something she called ‘a one step way to send and receive money between friends.

John Sculley on Apple’s future with CNBC

CNBC’s Kayla Tausche reports from the 2016 Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas where she spoke with John Sculley, Lantern Credit vice chairman and former Apple CEO.

WU Unveils Upgrade for International Students

The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU), a leader in global payments services, announced the launch of its enhanced WU® GlobalPay for Students product, which enables academic institutions to more efficiently reconcile, refund and track payments from international students.

Visa and Intel Collaborate on Payment Security

Visa and Intel® today announced a collaboration agreement to help bring world-class payment and data security technologies to the growing world of connected devices—from personal computers and mobile devices, to intelligent appliances and wearable technologies.

Klarna rolls out 'slice it in 4' payment option

At Money20/20 in Las Vegas, Klarna, a leading global payments provider, introduced their Slice it in 4 payment option, which allows consumers to pay for purchases in installments using their own debit or credit card.

Vantiv Partners with AEVI

Vantiv Partners with AEVI to Enhance SmartPay Terminals. The first-of-its-kind open marketplace solution on Vantiv's SmartPay Terminals empowers merchants with an application platform that revolutionizes payments at the Point of Sale.

N26 announces plans to launch in the US

European fintech startup N26 has plans to expand beyond Europe. The company’s co-founder and CEO Valentin Stalf announced at the Money20/20 conference that N26 is going to launch in the U.S. around mid-2018.

LendingClub CEO Sanborn is bringing back investors

“Renaud and I had talked about this eventuality and were indeed planning for it,” Sanborn said on Tuesday, in an interview at the Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas. “I anticipated it would take more than a few weeks.”

Money2020: Where tech aims to reshape banking

Silicon Valley has upended enormous parts of the world economy, and now a growing number of start-ups have their sights set on transforming — and in many cases radically shrinking — the financial industry.

Synchrony CEO on future of payments with CNBC

CNBC’s Kayla Tausche speaks with Synchrony Financial CEO Margaret Keane about how her company is shaping the future of digital payments.