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Collaboration and partnerships between banks, fintechs, tech companies, and startups are vital to the future of the industry to keep pushing forward and see innovation at scale. We're all for breaking boundaries, and together the possibilities are amplified.


When to Invest, Partner or Build?

The ultimate goal of fintech innovation is to make banking clear and easy, available anytime and anywhere, and empowering to customers. Chief Innovation Officer Benoit Legrand explains what strategies ING uses to be constantly innovating.

Frictionless Partnerships for Financial Services

It has become obvious that banks and fintechs would benefit from partnering. But banks are wary. Fintechs can feel too bold, too fast moving, and too willing to collaborate with competitors. Yet Fintechs nimble nature are the very reasons banks need them.

BigTech in finance: impact and opportunities

BigTech is in finance, so what does it mean for you? Whether you are a bank or a fintech startup, this discussion delves into the opportunities to remain competitive in the era diversified digital platforms. Learn how you can survive and thrive in a marketplace economy.

The irresistible forces shaping banking today

Acting Comptroller of the Currency, Brian P. Brooks, discusses how banking is changing today as a result of the unbundling of financial services and the decentralisation of financial capabilities

MoneyPot: Covid Credit

While government relief efforts in response to COVID-19 have been massive, they’ve overlooked the millions that are self-employed. In these unprecedented times, the fintech community in the UK has come together to address this population desperately in need of support.

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