Compliancely, powered by Zenwork

Compliancely, powered by Zenwork, is a regulatory identity verification platform that empowers innovative and large enterprises to automate real-time decisions about the accounts they open and users they onboard. With National and Global KYB and KYC checks, Compliancely is instrumental in the fight against fraudulent account creation that impacts small businesses, corporations, and giant players in FinTech, Banking, Insurance, Marketplace, and Gig Economy sectors.

Compliancely, an API-first solution, dynamically validates and verifies identity data in real-time directly against government sources. As example, TIN Checks are verified directly against the IRS database, results are returned within seconds, and millions of verifications are processed weekly. Zenwork also has APIs to automate vendor onboarding (W-9, W-8, and ACH data collection) as well as eFiling of 40+ forms including 1099s, 1042-S, stock option forms, payroll forms, and more.

Through its Tax1099 and Compliancely brands, Zenwork is a fast-growing digital tax compliance and regulatory reporting technology company with 10+ years of experience powering informational tax returns and compliance checks on behalf of its customer base. The company currently serves over 150,000 customers nationwide, including 30,000 CPA firms, Fortune 500 Enterprises, and some of the largest FinTech players. Learn more about Zenwork at,, and

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