ZELF is the best way to pay and get paid instantly online in the very same apps that people use the most during their day – in messengers. We have created a neobank without branches, without plastic cards and without designated mobile banking apps, by making it work in your favorite messenger with AI-powered voice and natural language commands. We have a platform that enables people to do banking in their messengers and voice assistants, while helping banks reduce operating expenses and lower their client acquisition costs. - familiar and trusted interface of the app people use most often - reduce expenses by having no branches, no card plastic during onboarding, no banking apps to develop and maintain - lower CAC by utilizing the social aspect of messengers.

Our neobank works in all major messengers (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, LINE and WeChat) and we are currently working on integration with Bank-As-A-Service platform provided by one the top 10 largest European banks.