Yellow Card Financial

Cryptocurrency  is a pain to buy. In the developing world, it is nearly impossible. Very few  countries in Africa and the Middle East have a cryptocurrency exchange, and  the ones that do charge premiums as high as 60% and often don't accept the  country's local currency. Yellow Card makes cryptocurrency accessible to  anyone, anywhere in the world. We distribute our Yellow Gift Card and  Vouchers into stores around the world, allowing customers to walk into their  local store, buy a Yellow Card Voucher / PIN with cash, redeem the code on, and then buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. It's store, card, crypto.  No banks involved. With an exclusive network of over 160,000 locations in 17  countries across Africa, the Middle East, and the United States, Yellow Card  makes it easier than ever for the 4 billion underbanked around the world to  access life-changing cryptocurrencies.