Wizest is an investing platform that connects new investors with financial advisors. Investing with Wizest becomes as easy as choosing players in fantasy football.

New investors draft their own team of financial advisors. For each chosen advisor, Wizest replicates their portfolio. Then, investor benefit directly from advisors investment strategies, while learning and having fun.

Instead of having to analyze stocks, ETF's, or cryptocurrencies, our users simply select advisors which they trust from personal profiles that include simplified performance indicators and investor reviews.

Our company was founded in Cleveland, in early 2019, by 4 co-founders with decades of experience in fintech, banking, and startups. Thanks to extensive legal counsel, our product and compensation scheme are fully SEC and FINRA compliant.

Wizest is presently launching version 1.0.0 for both iOS and Android—a free simulator, to perform user testing, showcase with investors, and initiate traction, before deploying full trading capabilities. We are democratizing access to financial advisors, making investing more accessible, more engaging, and more consistent with today's digital platforms and consumer behavior.