WIN DecideGuide

Personalized,  just-in-time financial life decision expert advice.   Simple to use, time and  cost-effective. 

 People do not have access to & cannot afford expert objective personal  financial advice when they need it.

 Search is the primary source of answers to life-altering financial  questions for most people. Believed reliable because it is sourced via  Google, this info is offered by anyone - qualified or not, and is often  incorrect (even on Investopedia). Even when correct it is not personalized  and does not guide the user to an optimized decision. 

 We provide expert, user-personalized, just-in-time guidance and relevant  content for better financial decisions, and effortless click-through  execution capability for unbiased take action.  

 Women is our inital target demographic due to their: (1) increasing share  of global wealth ($70 trillion) and consumer spending (80%); and (2) the loss  of ~ $500-800 billion in annual revenues due to the inability of financial  institutions to attract and retain women customers. 

 Our decision tool is scalable without modification to other demographics  globally.