2017 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor


Verrency is a growth-stage fintech that provides a white-label, cloud-based, payments-innovation-as-a-service offering to card issuers, merchant issuers, processors, and other digital financial services institutions. Verrency is a world-first platform that empowers issuers to grow significantly faster than the market by improving their service offering to customers. Innovative payment controls and fraud prevention features can be delivered rapidly and inexpensively, increasing customer engagement. Crucially, it achieves this without changes to an issuer’s existing payments network or merchant’s PoS systems.

With Verrency’s patented technologies, issuers can drive new revenues and enable customers to:

• Lock, block. limit and control card spend at all levels, including anywhere their cards have been loaded or stored

• Receive extensive and customized payment notifications

• Pay with loyalty points or rewards at any location without merchant integration

• Pay with digital currencies anywhere, via a customer-managed non-custodial wallet

• Instantly redeem merchant-funded rewards

• Redeem virtual gift cards anywhere without physical card issuance or merchant integration

• Access payment-linked offerings from third-party payment fintechs

2017 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor