Upswot offers a white-label SMB onboarding platform designed to automate underwriting, pre-scoring, and ongoing tracking of all crucial events for financial institutions. The on-prem platform automatically integrates, structures and analyses data from the ERP, accounting, CRM, WEB analytics, eWallets, and eCommerce systems that SMBs already use.

Our technology provides automated, on-going tracking of all positive and negative business events affecting the borrower’s finances and needs in real-time. We gather a 360-degree view of the opportunities, challenges, and preferences faced by a borrower, and help Lenders cross-sell more effectively, and in a highly automated way.  

Results: Completely on-premise, based on interactive gamification approach technology that motivates SMB to give the consent to pull, structure, and analyse their business metrics. 74% of SMB provide access to their business systems  

From risk perspective, Upswot saves days and even weeks for financial analysts, cuts underwriting costs by up to 95%, and increases acceptance rate by 25% (especially, with a “thin-file” problem clients), by enabling decision-making with a combination of traditional and non-traditional (alternative) data. From SMB business and marketing perspective, Upswot improves cross-sell rates by up to 15%, providing financial institutions with the insights into what their SMB clients need before they even reach out and certainly before they go to their competitors. We are working with 18 Lenders in 4 countries.