We are Tradis. We believe, Artificially Intelligent trading and investing should be available to everyone

Tradis was founded by two Catalan cousins Jaume and Eudald in Christmas of 2017. They started the work with the goal to help funding Eudald's other venture to help kids with learning disabilities. Shortly after they were joined by Matus, Jaume’s friend from the office and they realized, they might be onto something much more bigger. As the project grew, so the vision and opportunities became bigger. And the team followed. Now in the summer of 2019 team consist of 9 members with full expertise and capability of delivering fully automated and Artificially Intelligent trading and Investing.

We have our product ready and already tested in a live environment. We are working towards the next step to bring beautiful and simple Artificial Intelligent trading of cryptocurrencies application to the people. Once our app is live we don’t plan to stop but work even harder to conquer other markets and reach even wider audience and ultimately help people to improve their financial situation.