TomoCredit helps millennials get credit cards they deserve. There are 26M+ young borrowers in the U.S. with thin credit profile; they have been overlooked by existing credit card providers. At TomoCredit, we believe credit scores are becoming obsolete. Our unique underwriting model doesn’t rely on credit bureau data. Instead, we use rich, new data points that are relevant to our day to day financial behavior.

Our AI based underwriting analyzes potential borrowers’ e-commerce purchasing history, alternative asset, linkedin data to make a decision. Our innovative underwriting model will help millions of young borrowers get access to credit and start building their credit history-- which can be an amazing first step for a better financial future. Also, TomoCredit offers credit card rewards that are customized for millennial/ GenZ audience. For example, TomoCredit will offer crypto currency as rewards for those borrowers who are interested in learning more about digital assets. Founding team members have deep fintech/ machine learning expertise from Coinbase, Google, Credit Sesame and Crypto hedge fund.