2019 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor is a leader in AI and Cognitive Robotic Process Automation. It has been recognized as one of the Top 50 disruptive startups in Europe. Our bleeding edge Cognitive Robotic Process Automation Toolkit helps you gets results more than 40X faster than traditional RPA.

We use AI and allow a completely non technical employee to create a "self service" automation in less than 30 seconds without writing any code.

The market is crowded by traditional RPA players which require substantially high upfront investment, 3-6 months to develop and are too technical making this fantastic technology accessible to just a few companies. We aim to change this and present an easy, simple, cost effective solution to Business Process Automation using Cognitive Automation, truly democratizing the technology, making this technology accessible to all.

2019 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor