2019 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor


THE DATA INITIATIVE “TDI”, is a data and technology startup founded in late 2017, that imagines and delivers new solutions by exploiting public domain data. TDI’s first cloud-based product, a data/software-as-a-service platform, ignitionX, was released, June 2019.

ignitionX eliminates time-intensive research enabling users to become smarter and faster by unifying and displaying critical money laundering data used by financial crimes professionals. Features include search, filtering, geospatial mapping, charts, graphs, and proprietary visualizations. These features present data collected from 1000+ credible sources, encompassing 10,000+ source files.

Users can review data from sources like The Financial Action Task Force, The International Monetary Fund, and United Nations in one modern, and minimalist interface. The data spans global trends, reports, laws and regulations, US regulatory guidance, enforcement actions, and US and global money laundering risk indices. The product roadmap includes a 200 Series Global Sanctions Data Pack and a 300 Series Global Fraud Data Pack.

ignitionX was built by INDUSTRY EXPERTS on the widely accepted notion that better, more modern tools are needed to combat financial crimes. TDI is committed to building them.

2019 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor