Problem:  53 Million On-demand workers (1099) on On-demand platforms like Uber, Lyft,  Task Rabbit, Instacart, Upwork or traditional 1099 organizations like Service  Master, Empire Today etc. lack financial protection like Predictable Income,  Paid Time off, Automated Savings like 401k or automated Tax Withholding that  full-time employees (W2) have, suffer from income volatility and are unable  to manage their complex financial life. Platforms are unable to provide  financial benefits or protection directly due to regulatory exposure and risk  of being termed "Employer".

Solution: Teller provides comprehensive financial protection and manages  On-Demand worker's complex financial life for them on a single mobile app  with the help of AI & Smart Contracts.

Features: Teller's comprehensive financial protection includes - Full FDIC  Insured Banking, Interest Free Cash Advances, Interest Free Time Off  Advances, Overdraft Protection across all linked financial accounts, AI  Powered Insights and Budgeting, Smart Contracts based Rewards Engine that  rewards good Financial behavior and ability for On-Demand Platforms to  contribute towards financial protection via it's Smart Contracts based  Rewards Engine without Regulatory Exposure.       

 IP: Teller's core IP lies in its data normalization, personalization and  AI-powered Credit Underwriting technology that uses  alternative/non-traditional data sources as wells as it's Smart Contracts  based Rewards Engine that it uses to help On-Demand platforms contribute  towards Financial benefits without regulatory exposure.        

Go To Market: Teller has secured an exclusive partnership with the world's  leading Freelancer Community to distribute teller to 375000 of their members  this fall.        

Revenue: Teller's current revenue streams include Subscription Fees &  Interchange Fees earned via their Debit Card. Teller has received tremendous  interest in its Smart Contracts based Rewards Engine by On-Demand Platforms  and will add rewards (Teller Treats) purchased by On Demand Platforms to  contribute towards Financial Benefits without regulatory exposure as the  third source of Revenue in the immediate future.