The  problem we solve:

 Merchants are overpaying to accept credit cards.  Credit card processing fees are typically a  merchant’s second largest operating expense behind labor costs - these  processing fees are a $900 Billion industry annually.  Merchants don’t have the time or resources  to do their own research and find the processing solution that makes the most  sense for their business.  And that  means they’re likely overpaying for credit-card processing by hundreds or  even thousands per month.  SwipeSum  solves this problem by bringing these credit-card processors to the merchant.  We’re the only online platform that can do this.  It’s quick, simple, and free to the  merchant.  And we’ve already put more  than $3.1 Million back into business owners’ bank accounts.

 The solution we offer:

 SwipeSum.com is the first online platform that enables merchants to find  the most cost-effective credit card processing solution that fits the unique  needs of their business. Merchants click ‘Get Started’ and go through a quick  automated consultation that allows SwipeSum to understand their business,  including how they currently process credit card payments.  SwipeSum then procures a network of credit  card processing companies that will integrate into the merchant’s business,  and those processors submit bids to SwipeSum for the merchant’s processing  business.   SwipeSum then presents  these offers to the merchant in a side-by-side comparison so that the  merchant can select the best solution.

 SwipeSum.com is free to the merchant.   SwipeSum.com earns a monthly residual commission for the lifetime of  all accounts, paid by the credit card processing company for each converted  lead. Our goal is to make SwipeSum.com the largest lead generation platform  in credit card processing, not just in the United States but globally as  well.  And we are currently growing our  user base to get there. 

 SwipeSum.com is a merchant advocate that finds the best solution at the  best price for the unique needs of every merchant. Every-time.  Guaranteed.