Domestically, there are over 85 million people in the United States alone who don't have bank accounts, forced to use cash and unable to participate in this digital society with apps like Venmo and Cash App. At StoreCash, we believe that no one should be denied access to funds.

StoreCash provides the only solution for the unbanked to request, receive and instantly use funds on a mobile device without needing a bank account. We do this by partnering with merchants to utilize closed loop technology.

StoreCash is currently working towards a pilot with Western Union to provide WU users with the opportunity to give money senders a free option, meanwhile the merchant oversees the transaction fees.

Internationally, there are over two billion unbanked people and in India alone, there are about 191 million people over the age of 15 who do not have a bank account. Mexico comes in as the second largest unbanked population with 58.7 million unbanked people.

With StoreCash, these billions of unbanked people can send free and instant funds cross-border. StoreCash is currently available in the AppStore and Google Play. For more information, visit: