Managing cash and credit is a critical chore for small businesses. They rely on manual processes and legacy technology, which waste time and leave money on the table. The alternatives for small businesses are complex, over-featured treasury management services, which can take weeks or months to integrate.

SteadiPay allows small businesses to automate and optimize cash and credit management in minutes. SMBs link their existing bank accounts to the SteadiPay platform, and SteadiPay automatically helps improve credit management, earn better returns on cash, and maximize cash flows.

SteadiPay customers do not have to switch banks or credit cards to get a better banking experience, and onboarding takes minutes (not hours or weeks or months).

The founders of SteadiPay have seen first-hand the gap in tools available for effective cash management, having run successful small- and medium-sized businesses before. Now SteadiPay’s aim is to transform cash and credit management from a critical chore to a low-touch, value-creating function.