Statera Health

Statera Health offers a compensation and performance visualization tool for physicians: a connected resource that serves as a physician's financial home.

Co-founders Amy and Mike have collectively spent tens of thousands of hours calculating, educating, and distributing physician financial information to both surgeons and executive leadership, using the same manual, error-prone spreadsheets used by hospitals across the country. In 2018, they began to design the app that became Statera, with the understand that improving clarity around physician performance and pay structure reduced anxiety and freed up the physician to focus on patient care.

In 2019 Statera began development in collaboration with a Harvard-affiliated medical center. It has since become the vehicle to communicate a compensation model redesign for that organization, and will launch with the new fiscal year in fall 2019.

Physicians’ income and personal wealth needs are unique, complex, and largely unmet. As such, future growth will provide comprehensive financial tools for early and late career physicians.