When  it comes to making spending decisions, most people think of it as exchanging  money for something they want. For example, let's say you're thinking of  buying a new pair of shoes for $30. The problem with this is your natural  emotions are pulling you to buy the shoes and there is no natural emotions  pulling you to save your money. This is one of the main things that leads  people to give into temptation and buy something they want now and end up  regretting it later. Rather than focusing on the money you’re giving up, what  if you focused on something else you might have bought with that money? Now  it's not just about the shoes, you have something else, maybe a night out  with your spouse, that your emotions are pushing you to buy that's fighting  over the same money you're about to spend on shoes. Understanding your  opportunity cost in this way gets your natural emotions working just has hard  to get you to save your money as they are to get you to spend it now.  SpendPal is designed to create an environment where this counter balance  helps people naturally make better decisions with their money.