Smiyal offers insurance that guarantees travelers the best price for their flights. Each year, US travelers spend over $90 billion a year online booking flights - however, lose billions as a result of missing out on “better deals”. In addition, travelers waste countless productive hours searching for better deals. Current price match guarantee programs fail to meet customer expectations, leaving them with the arduous and time-consuming task of finding a better deal and filing a claim. The short window in which to file a claim means travelers fail to maximize on savings up until departure.

Smiyal leverages machine learning to provide travelers with a fully automated insurance purchase and claims experience. Our sophisticated algorithms enable us to offer tailored premiums and monitor flight prices on behalf of the traveler - with complete transparency. Travelers are covered from the date of purchase until the date of departure, maximizing the odds of capturing the best deal possible. Smiyal's automated and instant payout eliminates the need for travelers to file claims.