2016 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor


SizeUp helps banks better serve their small business customers. It empowers banks to A) help their SME customers succeed, B) increase engagement with SME customers, C) introduce banking products/services to SMEs at strategic decision making moments in the business' lifecycle, D) increase acquisition of new SME customers, and E) retain existing SME customers. 

 SizeUp is big data for small businesses.  It provides business intelligence and market research to SME companies so they can make smarter decisions through data. SizeUp is licensed by large enterprises/organizations (such as banks) as a value added service differentiator given to help their business customers succeed and grow. SizeUp currently provides:

1. Competitive benchmarks: Compare your business performance to your industry competitors across multiple performance indicators.

2. Find customers, suppliers, and competitors: Geographically discover and identify potential customers, suppliers, and competitors to grow your business.

3. Best locations to advertise: Identify the best geographic locations to advertise based on industry and demographic characteristics.

SizeUp empowers small businesses to make smarter decisions through big data. It helps level the business playing field by providing small businesses similar business intelligence that was previously only available to huge corporations.

2016 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor