2019 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor


SHTAR™ is a B2B payment processing solution that interfaces existing accounting software applications with bank payment platforms, streamlining automation and eliminating manual processes for the payor, bank, and payee.

Digital payments begin outside of accounting applications. This creates accounting problems because the process is manual, cumbersome, and prone to errors from double entry. Despite the many accounting solutions, bookkeeping still requires these manual processes which negatively impact businesses through entry errors and lost productivity.

SHTAR™ automates payments and syncs transaction-related data directly from the accounting software to the recipient for ACH, RTP, wire, and card payments. Thus, it eliminates double entry, automates bank account reconciliation, and provides easy transaction approval controls, all within existing accounting workflows.

Financial Institutions and Accounting Agencies partner with SHTAR™ to deliver a better user experience to their customers, by significantly improving the payments process, bringing additional levels of control, while eliminating costly manual processes.

With Real-Time Payments on the horizon, SHTAR™ bridges the gap between software applications and payment solutions, bringing transparency, security, and convenience to payment automation.

2019 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor