One  of the biggest challenges faced by financial institutions and servicing  companies is maintaining the size and quality of their mortgage portfolios.  With over $13 Trillion in residential mortgage debt in North America, on  average, 15% of consumers switch lenders unpredictably every single year.  People are more savvy these days, and despite being called by their banks to  renew, many still repay early, and switch to competing lenders. For example,  in a rising interest rate environment, people often feel squeezed, and are  influenced by friends, brokers, realtors, and rate comparison sites.  According to leading industry sources, the current state of lending requires  over 400+ pages of documentation, costs lenders $7,000, requires 25+ human  beings, and takes 50 days to complete, all to originate a single loan. The  billions of dollars spent to originate these loans consistently vanish year  after year, and the consumer is often left confused throughout the process.  This is only getting worse as players like Amazon get into mortgage lending,  offering digital presences which exceed the capabilities of large financial  institutions and servicers.