ResonanceX Ltd.

Structured  Products and Alternative Investments offer better risk-adjusted returns than  traditional assets but are not used by most investors due to:-Lack of  education-High cost of production-Lack of transparency-High minimums to  trade. Our objective is to solve these issues and make wealth management more  inclusive and provide safe and smart access to investment solutions until now  reserved to the ultra-rich. As part of the Financial Conduct Authority  Regulatory Sandbox (U.K) we already started to disrupt the $400bn annual  turnover Structured Product business by issuing the first ever Structured  Note to clear and settle on a blockchain and reducing issuance cost by a  factor of 15x. Our process can be summarized: -A fully automated multi-dealer  platform to provide best-execution and reduce cost of production-The  authorization to deal directly with advisors and retail clients to compress  distribution costs-Use of blockchain technology to eliminate all costs  related to clearing, settlement and custody of assets- And as a regulated  fintech company, we fully embrace the modern regulatory regime and provide  investors with the tools, transparency and understanding needed to optimize  investment decisions and execution",