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Rainbow Password

Patented Rainbow Password technology by GEOACL LLC is a most Innovative Cyber Security technology ever invented since credentials were required for access. It offer you to use formatting options of Font, Font Color, Shading, Font Styles like Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikeout etc. as a part of user password for user Authentication, Verification and E-Signatures.

We are not password management solution, we are password itself.

Use your creativity to make your password stronger.

User personalizes password by choosing different combinations of given factors for each character.

5 char long Rainbow password = 20 char long legacy password.
Rainbow Password Technology gives you protection against Brute-Force, Key logger and other Cyber Password attacks.

Visit us at: www.rainbowpassword.com

Email us at: info@rainbowpassword.com with all your Product Inquiries, Licensing needs and Demo requests.

Rainbow Password is more than Compliant with latest Password Guidelines from FTC, GDPR and other regulatory & advocacy groups.

Benefits of Rainbow Password:

Formatting Combinations of Color & Style makes password very hard to hack and crack.

Small & Easy to remember password with Visual Elements will lead to less helpdesk tickets and cost savings to companies.

Easy to Implement & Integrate with existing systems.

Our Products
Use Rainbow Password to secure your logins, accounts, transactions, data, information or even secret formula. Its’ available for integration with software on kind of platforms. Web, Desktop, Smart device, and so on. Whether you have Web App, Thick Client, Thin Client, Smartphone App you can have Rainbow Password security.

Use Rainbow Verification that is intuitive, easy to use and deters spoofing for Multifactor Verification & Captcha style validations. Use Rainbow Verification for Password Reset Requirements for GDPR.

Use Rainbow E-Signatures for Finance, Pharma, Insurance, HIPPA, Legal and other compliance needs, as well as to attach user signatures to workflow actions taken by them.

Easy to Use API/SDK with 6 Months Free Trial.

Subscription plans for everyone.

Licensing Available for our technology & patents to Major Enterprise Customers and Tech Companies.

Free consulting service with licensing agreements.

2018 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor