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qBotica Inc.

qBotica is a new age one-stop shop for Enterprises to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). A niche provider in the space, qBotica focuses on bringing efficiency to Business Operations without disruption to current processes, systems, and the workforce.

qBotica helps in identifying, prioritizing, developing and implementing use cases and their ROI for business process automation. Being a strategic partner and reseller of RPA and Cognitive Automation products such as BluePrism, UiPath, AutomationAnywhere, Kofax Kapow, Antworks, Abbyy, AutomationEdge, and Rapidminer, qBotica can bring in a complete end to end implementation services from unbiased product recommendations to negotiated pricing, installation, and development of the Bots.

Founded by a visionary team of payment industry professionals, qBotica possesses strong expertise in large-scale operations in the field of Fintech and Supply Chain. qBotica leverages automation and substantial experience in delivering multiple engagements for the world's leading financial services corporation to help customers to digitize their Customer Onboarding, Investment Management, Procurement, and Financial Operations.

qBotica leverages Cognitive and Robotic Process Automation to fast-track digital transformation without changes to underlying systems and processes, achieve seamless M&A through bot intermediation and exceptional customer experience through the robotic sidekicks with boosted speed and quality. We can also help to streamline back office through Finance, Procurement and other Business Services function.

M&A Automation Toolkit

• Bridge the Gap Bots providing a cross-platform abstraction layer

• Extending life of legacy systems

• Robotic Data Migration between entities

• Bulk Cancel and reopen accounts

• Mass Mailing and automatic response (email) handling

• One shot customer preference update across platforms

• Mass account transfers to new product lines

Customer Onboarding Automation

• Credit and Identity verification

• KYC checks

• Account Set up and configuration

• Product Transfers

• Bulk migrations due to Mergers & Acquisitions

Account Servicing Bots

• Cancel payment plan

• Renewals

• Gathering pricing and competition information

• Evaluate account changes

• Account renewal

• Standing Orders & Direct Debits

• Balance Transfers

• Account Closures

• International Payments

• Customer Correspondence handling

• Collections & Recovery automation

• Cash Allocation and Reconciliation

• Settlement Monitoring

Disputes, Fraud, and Compliance Bots

• Automated AML Compliance

• Processing reversals and adjustments

• Bulk Account changes after security breaches

• Lost & Stolen Updates

• Loss Management reporting

Procurement Automation

• Purchase Requisition Processing and Support

• PO processing, verification, and approval    

• PO Maintenance updates and Support

• Supplier Master Management      

Finance – AP and AR Automation

• Invoice Automation on Current Systems / SOPs

• No Training required for end users

• Zero changes to current IT Systems

• Invoice and PO Audits

• Line item details verifications

• Seamless Payment voucher preparation

2018 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor

2017 1 Star Sponsor & Exhibitor