Pluto Money

Existing  tools don't make money management approachable for financial novices,  especially for college students and the up-and-coming Gen Z (which will  account for 40% of U.S. consumers by 2020). The average age of our most  direct competitors' users is 27+. Over 70% of college students are  financially stressed, 58% don't save at all, and they overdraft nearly $900M  a year while spending $207B on discretionary items alone. That's why we're  targeting Gen Z during their most formative years in college, so they can  enter the workforce financially empowered. Users incrementally save for their  goals and improve their money habits by doing simple challenges tailored to  their unique finances. Users can also take action based on contextual  insights, such as anonymous spending comparison with similar peers (even on  the same college campus). Ultimately, we're building towards a predictive,  goal-based mobile bank for Gen Z.