Pensio Inc.

Pensio  is an early stage, online annuity startup (pre-revenue, pre-launch) that aims  to help solve the ever-growing U.S. retirement crisis. Today, Americans are  living longer and employer-sponsored pensions are rarely available. Social  Security alone is not sufficient, and the burden rests on the individual.  Where can people turn for steady retirement income that's guaranteed to never  run out? We believe annuities are fundamentally a great solution, but today's  are complex, outdated and cumbersome. Our product is a simple, affordable  annuity that uses a B2B2C distribution model to help address the key pain  points of current offerings. My partner built new annuities for a top 5  carrier and as a former financial advisor myself, we are keenly aware of market  demand for an income solution and the gap for a modern annuity product.