Passiv is an index investing platform for retail investors. With Passiv's simple interface, users can transform their brokerage account into their own personal robo-advisor -- without the MER.

Passiv syncs with the user's brokerage account and implements an index investing strategy to follow the user's target portfolio. Users are notified when new cash or dividends hit the account, or when the portfolio drifts too far from its target. When an action is needed, Passiv automatically calculates the trades necessary to follow the target and gives users a single button to sync their holdings with their target. Passiv's advanced functionality allows users to manage multiple accounts as a single portfolio, minimize trading fees, and even pick some stocks on the side.  

Passiv is built by a team of personal finance nerds from Canada. Originally available at just one brokerage in Canada, Passiv is now launching in the US with support for all American brokerages. Now it's easier than ever to take control of your investments and save on fees. Get Passiv, invest in what matters to you, and retire wealthier.